The philosophy of CRETA EARTH is based on three axes: «high quality, small quantity, supervision and guarantee of the products».  Every year, we distribute in the market quantities of products that we can absolutely guarantee of their quality. When they are exhausted we patiently wait for the next harvest season.. 

Here you will find only products that we would put on our own table.
Nothing more, nothing less than that! You will find people with knowledge and experience that will be glad to answer to any of your questions and initiate you to the culinary wealth of Crete. You will not find any products of the big industrial companies. Our experience has shown us that small producers can produce items of incomparable quality and taste over the big food companies. This is exactly the reason why we cooperate almost exclusively with small producers. You will not find products that have been bought from the producer at the market price. 

We live in a world where wholesale merchants and the markets themselves compress on every chance the producers` prices. The result of this policy is the viability of the producer to be threatened. But on the viability of the producer depends our own viability. You will not find any ‘commercial’ products. 
We never followed the idea of ‘this product sells’.The criterion we have to choose the products that go up on our shelves is one and only: quality.

We leave it up to you to judge this effort with the promise never to stop trying to improve it.